Rich and famous? How the other half live doesn’t even come close! Always looking over her shoulder, anxiety levels soaring, Frankie welcomes her return to the family madhouse, with its familiar ribbing and insults. The chance to take her mind off what still feels so raw, so recent in her screwed-up life. Filling her time with lots of things to do but no thinking time – that had to be good. But then there’s the gentle reminder of those dreaded emails, the feeling of being watched.

Never far away, pain is always lurking beneath the surface. A random shooting? Unlikely . . . And it’s only a matter of time before she’ll have to face it, grieve for her losses and deal with the constant fear that follows her. But is she ready to go there? Can she really be responsible for his death? Something prickles her memory, her fears very real . . . Then the penny drops. A shared past.

Her stomach jumping like a grasshopper on speed and used to faking it, her past fears come back to haunt her, having witnessed something no child ever should. Their relationship fiery and strained, can she learn to trust Dev? Always relied on to be the one who centres her, he throws her off-centre completely. A complication she really doesn’t need, will the cold light of day become her great leveller? Or will she succumb?

As for Dev, photographer at large – pals? Who is he kidding! His affection for Frankie goes much further . . . her voice an arrow to the groin. But will she ever think of him as anything but a “brother”? Or is he doomed to remain just a shoulder to cry on?

This is the perfect holiday read. Full of warm engaging characters, stunning Irish scenery described so well as to make you feel you were there and a lot of witty dialogue. This Family Affair is a cracking page turner with pace and intrigue and a lovely backdrop. A love story, a thriller, a travelogue all rolled into one. 

The Eternal City, Rome does more than call to Caro Fitzgerald, not to mention her son, Toby. Unearthing a past long buried, the future brings about many unexpected, unnerving changes. But her real reason for being in Rome is about to unhinge her. Not the sort of news she wants to hear when trying to locate her son’s father after all these years – her main reason for being back.

She might be giddy with excitement about her return to Rome after fourteen years, but at the back of her mind are her worries about raining down a whole heap of secrets on the poor kid’s head. And back then, Caro was different – even Rome was different. Family relationships might differ from household to household, but theirs was as odd or as normal as the next.

Responsible for a family empire of hotels and a magnet for females, Caro intrigues the hell out of Nick Sullivan. Never get accustomed to a woman – that was his rule, his motto. He’d tried it – it hadn’t worked. But stepping back into her path does nothing to save him . . . A kick to the belly!

But what is Caro’s natural when it comes to men? With new, unfathomed territory to be explored, her skin pebbles in response whenever she sees Nick, sending shock waves to her core. Can she own the moment and run with it? Or will it lead to the morning walk of shame, all bets off? The sixty-four million-dollar question! Game on . . . decision made!

Hobbs does it again! The 2nd in the series is even better than the 1st. Set in romantic Italy, the author has definitely done her homework The places and characters ring true. Great plot twists entwined with a beautiful love story that grips the reader until the suspenseful conclusion. Can’t wait for the next Fitzgerald series book. Bravo!

A distraction in the form of Ali Fitzgerald turns Detective Gabe Mackenzie’s head, but now he has the unfortunate task of being assigned to her. All he knows is she is trouble. Too much of a vision for any man, he needs to remain focused, but he is beyond invested.

A break-in sees Ali’s nightmares return, but they are not related, stemming way back, from something far more sinister. A celebrity chef, damaged and afraid, the discovery of an explosive device sees her wondering who could wish her harm. Gabe vows to do whatever he can to wipe the look of abject terror from her face, and God help the person responsible . . .

Ali’s nemesis is a shark in shallow waters. To come out in the open would mean no going back, for anyone, not just her. Is she brave enough to face it and deal? First, she has to lock down her fear, not explode in remembered agony. A train wreck inside, can she get whoever it is to sell themselves up the river? Can the truth set her free? Ali has a long road ahead.

But something is off and Gabe knows it. When Ali’s safety is in question, he opens his mind to the horror that lies within. What nails the door of silence tightly shut? Can she hold her own? Or will Gabe arrive too late?

Ali gets a kick out of teasing Gabe mercilessly, her mission to ruffle his feathers. Can the detective be her lifeboat on a stormy sea? Scottish romance, anyone?

I flew through this, it was great fun, but had a dark side too. Great characters and snappy dialogue along with a suspenseful and sinister plot. A terrific read!

Tired of living a lie and with one close call too many, Molly Fitzgerald decides it's time to fess up - but how? Perhaps she needs a little help, a partner in crime. And who better than her new work colleague, the bespectacled Clark Kent lookalike with the smart brain and bumbling demeanour?

Kit Elliot, an in-demand forensic accountant, spends his life as the perfect chameleon. When the fixer of all manner of thorny issues discovers that the delectable accountant who befriends his nerdy persona is also hiding secrets, he knows he can be of assistance.

It is, after all, what he does.

What he does not expect, when he offers to help her out of a separate, very interesting jam, is that he will end up well and truly snookered.

Worst of all, could she be up to her aquamarine eyes in criminal activity? The very activity he is sworn to reveal?

A great bit of escapism and my favourite of Pamela's books so far. The characters are well drawn and very credible. I enjoyed the unusual accountancy related plot. Pamela dropped a few hints about Flynn and I look forward to finding out his story in the next book!

They had a past – brief, hot and very messy – so when Gia Sullivan strides back into Flynn Fitzgerald’s life, he is unprepared for the turmoil that invades his head and his heart. Their fling is over, the result of that fling is over, but damn if the feelings aren’t still there. Now they have to work together? That is a recipe for disaster.

She knew he’d be there, part of the team, leading the squad, but she doesn’t have to like it. But Gia has a stake in this, not just because it is her job, but because the wheels of justice must be served –
for her, it is the only way she can forgive, and move on.

Together, undercover and playing roles neither want, Flynn and Gia have to forge a new path, one built on trust. But as one of them is hiding the very basic of truths, it’s almost impossible. Fighting an international criminal gang is only one of their problems – faking a relationship is much more challenging.

The fifth and final book in the Fitzgerald saga is, in my opinion, the best! The plot is very pertinent to today's world and the amazingly descriptive narrative allows you to 'be' there with the characters. I couldn't put it down.